Privacy Policy

We at luckymeph.com are conscientiously committed to the protection of our dedicated user privacy rights. We always know how important is information about our users is, and privacy is a must.

Therefore, we have framed a privacy policy in layman’s terms so that our users better understand how, why, and where we collect the privacy policy and what they are used for. We urge our users to read our privacy policy once and assure them that they won’t be used for any unacceptable activities that might be deemed detrimental to our users’ financial or identity security.

It is thus advisable that you contact us first if you have any queries before lodging any complaint with the data protection authority. We are always available by email. All kinds of questions will be solved online within 24-48 hours.

What Data do we collect?

We collect various data types to make our user’s interactions more smooth or user-friendly or to let our users know about any new promotional event. The Data that we collect for our website can be categorized into two major types.

The first type of data includes non-identifiable data about the users: They can be as simple as the browser information, operation system that the user is using or the language the user is accustomed to, or the access time and the domain name of the site. These are simple information that the user must provide for better site usage in a simple, convenient manner. These non-personal information bridges the gap between the site and user so that the site can be helpful to the user in a much better way.

The second type of data that we collect is the personal information used to identify a person or ensure that the right person is accessing the site. The information that we collect might include contact details such as name, personal phone number, Email address, etc. However, the provision of such information is voluntary and falls under the user discretion to provide such information or not.

How Do We Use This Data?

Personal data collected from our users are used to the extent where the law permits us.

Following are the circumstances where we primarily use your Data.

We use this information to help you serve you or another user when you encounter issues while using our services. When these interests do not override your fundamental rights.

When you specifically give in your specific permission to use your data to another user as a  direct marketing communication to you via an email which can be withdrawn at any moment.

We use personal information in the manner described in this privacy policy. Besides the purposes described above, the information we collect from your end might include your personal information is used for the following legitimate interest and purposes without overriding those interests and goals (which provides for fundamental rights as well).

To provide services of our sites (e.g., enable you to share and post users’ content and follow other users shared content, etc.).

To communicates with you and responds to you if you have any queries relating to any of the information on the site and to keep you updated through email hand newsletters.

This is done to use your information to make a comparative analysis for statistical and research purposes to serve better the user.

The type of personal information collected and the purposes listed above are also essential.

For the sake of our legitimate interests (to develop our products and services, and grow our business and study how visitors use the services and inform our marketing strategy).

We use Non-personal information for analytical information as well.

To improve and customize our services to your needs and interests, different analytical surveys are conducted.

To test changes to the benefits received by the user and make improvements to their functionality.

How do We Collect Data?

When the user pilot through the site. Information is collected through a wide variety of ways through the area while registering onto the site. Subscribing to the site’s newsletters, and so on. The collected information can be of types such as phone number, email address, and name. The web analytical tool also contains various information such as (OS, IP address, access time, browser type and language. Telecom information, etc.).

However, this must be noted that the supply of most shared information is voluntary and, as such, falls basically under the user’s prerogative whether to divulge such information or not.

Cookies & Web Analytics tools

Cookies are tools that make it easy for users to access the site more efficiently.

These are mini tools used by the browser such as google chrome or opera, which store tiny bits of information of the user on the website. So that they can be used to make the user login to the site a little faster by remembering the previous credentials that the users had used to enter the site, it enables you to have a better user experience. An analytical team does this.

In this case of our site, it is done by Google analytical team. The Google Analytical team also compiles such information to make a more dedicated and user-friendly site base.

Google does keep in mind what we are searching for and what we are looking for throughout the day. Accordingly, they will suggest a similar kind of website and the games, so we don’t have to search much for it.

Sharing Personal and Non-Personal Information with Third Parties

We do not disclose or divulge any personal information except as privacy policy and under the current legal framework.

But we, on certain occasions, do share our information with other analytical companies who use this information to up our service structure. We do, however, have our right to do anything we will with the generic information of the user, which is employed by us for issues related to surveys, toying with a new concept, etc. You can stay assured that all sort of information of yours in any way will never be divulged to any party unless you have any consent to it.

Third-party content is essential to keep our website updated. We, at times, take our users to the third-party website to give them the perfect content. We try to protect your data, but it would be limited for the third party.

How to protect the information that we collect?

We use every step and necessary precaution to protect your personal information as defined as described by the law. We use SSL encryption for end-to-end data security, which blocks any unnecessary access and tampering with your information in any way possible.

Besides these, we also can delete collected information about the user if the user wants or mails us about the same.

How Long do we Keep Information About you?

We might keep your information with us as long as we need it. But if you want to remove the information that we have collected from you. You can mail it to us, and the same information can be secured within the company for further safe-keeping and will not be given out to third-party vendors for survey-related purposes. Or if you want to transfer or delete the same can also be done after receiving such a mailed request.

We don’t keep any of the information unnecessarily. If you have any doubts and concerns, you can always reach us, and we are happy to help you with all the aspects.

Your Rights Regarding Personal Data

You have various rights on the site as a user, which you can use any moment when you feel threatened that your data might be breached or could be used to funnel other activities that are not considered legal. The below-mentioned points explain in brief your rights to your data.

You can and might revoke your consent to the site using your data any time you wish. Under any circumstances, if you want to withdraw your consent after offering it. All you have to do is mail the site about it, and it will be done with immediate effect.

You can act against the processing of the data. Simplifying it means that the site can withhold your Data but might not use it in any third-party survey-related things, which can be agreed upon with a simple mail from the user.

You can also check the information of your data as to what quality, the quantity of your personalized data they have accessed and stored.

You can ask the site as to the amount of data of yours that they have in store.

You can mail a request to the site demanding that your Data be moved away from the site. This can be transferred to another secured location within the company.

You can file a complaint to the site administrator if by any means your Data is breached or if you feel your data has been feed to an unreliable third-party surveyor.

On legitimate request, the site immediately suspends such third-party vendors before requesting you to let you keep your data secured with us.


The services that the site offers are not for use by persons under the age of 18. Though the period is universal, people under the age of majority in their jurisdiction concerning the nature of the game will be considered non –accesses and are not allowed to visit the site or provide us with any personal information. Any advances by them in many stages of the site will be deemed incomplete or void.

If you are not 18 of the age or above you and still try to register on the website, you will not be accepted. Moreover, many users use VPN or other private networks to register on the website. This is a severe and illegal offense.