Bitcoin 小asino

More and more online casinos are becoming loyal to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Blockchain is a technology that is increasingly penetrating our lives and affecting, among other things, the gambling industry. Users in the Philippines are increasingly using cryptocurrencies and will actively use it to grow their gaming accounts.

  • Anonymity
  • Transaction speed/li>
  • Safety of transfers in compliance with all rules
  • Decentralization
  • Requires serious knowledge and experience
  • Not so easy for beginners
  • Requires registration on crypto exchanges and special wallets

What are bitcoin and cryptocurrency?

The crypto industry is quite young, it originated in 2009, when an anonymous person under the nickname Satoshi Nakamoto published the first blockchain and bitcoin mining methodology. Since then, blockchain, built on peer-to-peer chains, has become a widely accepted technology for anonymity and security, spawning a plethora of variations, ecosystems, and coins.

Get up to:
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Is Cryptocurrency Legal?

More and more countries legalize cryptocurrency and it becomes part of the global financial system. Keeping and investing in bitcoin has become a real trend for all world businessmen. In addition, crypto is becoming more and more popular as a payment instrument and it is not surprising that it has become so actively used in the gambling industry.

Not without reason, in 2022, the largest bank in the Philippines, UnionBank, will add trading and storage of digital assets to the line of services.

How to get bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies?

Having ordinary fiat money, before replenishing the game account, the user first needs to purchase a cryptocurrency. You can buy it on exchanges, of which there are a huge number, but preference should be given to world leaders, such as Binance or Coinbase.

Users from the Philippines can register on the exchange and link their bank card to buy the necessary crypto currency. After that, by going to the site of an online casino that supports accepting crypto payments, replenish your account.

How Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies use online casinos?

For online casinos, cryptocurrencies are a convenient payment tool that allows you to receive and withdraw funds. Compared to many other payment methods, cryptocurrency is distinguished by its speed, convenience and anonymity, which is an advantage both for online casinos and for the players themselves.

The range of games of many online casinos in the Philippines allows you to experience the atmosphere of crypto roulette, crypto slots or crypto poker by linking your crypto wallet to your account.

What games can you play in bitcoin casino?

If bitcoin or other cryptocurrency is accepted by an online casino, then you can play the entire list of games of this operator. It can be a variety of slots, table games (roulette, blackjack, baccarat), poker and others. Live casinos with real dealers can also be funded with cryptocurrencies.

What cryptocurrencies are accepted by online casinos in the Philippines?

Bitcoin, of course, remains the main cryptocurrency, and therefore the main payment instrument, but it is far from the only option. Ethereum has imposed serious competition on bitcoin in recent years and many online casino players prefer this particular coin.

Many online casinos also accept other popular coins such as Bitcoin Cash or Litecoin. More exotic cryptocurrencies such as Dogecoin, which is also accepted by many online casinos in the Philippine market, should not be discarded.

Security of payments in cryptocurrencies

Due to blockchain technology, all crypto payments are highly secure. Peer to peer is a process that is protected from external influences, which means that the data and funds of players are always protected when replenishing with cryptocurrency.

All you need is to securely store access to your crypto wallet and adhere to security rules.


Bitcoin is becoming more and more popular among players around the world, including in the Philippines. Every day there are more and more online casinos accepting cryptocurrencies. There are even individual brands that position themselves as bitcoin casinos and form their own pool of players who love crypto.


What is the advantage of Bitcoin casino?

Convenience and security of transactions. Payments go quickly, and the user’s funds are under reliable protection.

Why is bitcoin safe?

Due to the unique algorithm of blockchain technology.

How many online casinos accept bitcoin in the Philippines?

More and more brands are introducing cryptocurrency as a full-fledged payment instrument, and this trend is only learning.